Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Seedless Future?

Am I the only person getting concerned with the possibility of our government controlling our food supply to the point of not allowing people to grow their own food, or licensing whether food is grown or not?

I've written on here about Monsanto and how they have patented seeds, so you cannot save seeds from produce grown from their patented seeds. So you have to basically "license" to use their seeds.

Last night my boyfriend went to the grocery store, and got some produce. First I learned of his seedless oranges that he'd bought, and there are seedless watermelons and grapes. Now last night he cut open a green pepper to find that it was seedless.

I understand that this started for reasons of convenience. It is so much nicer to eat a piece of watermelon and not have to spit out a ton of seeds in the process.

But is anyone else concerned of the potential abuses? Seeds patented, licensed and controlled. The inability to grow produce that contain seeds. The threat of having to continually pay for more seeds to continue growing produce? The threat to our right to just "grow". To lose our right to trade seeds, save seeds, to grow heirloom vegetables.

I'm really not a conspiracy theorist. Honest! I'm usually trying to be the "voice of reason" with my friends who ARE conspiracy theorists. But I'm just saying...

Is anyone else concerned?