Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome to Survivalist Gardening

The term was coined on the FL GardenWeb forum by ibeleive, and it seemed to strike a cord with other forum users. The concept: Become self-sustaining through gardening in these tough economic times.

The world has become a global market over the last decade or two. This is even evidenced by the volatile stock market that we've seen over the last year. Never before has the world economy responded so quickly and dramatically to one country's economic fall from grace.

We are now pulling away from the globalization of everything, and moving back towards a more local economy. People are vacationing closer to home, shopping closer to home, and finding ways to sustain themselves amid the unease of our insecurities.

People are also shifting towards local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), farmer's markets, and growing food in their own backyards.

A movement has begun on the GardenWeb, and I offer this blog as a hub for that movement. I hope that it may be useful in sharing information for like-minded individuals who wish to learn to become self-sustaining, particularly with gardening.

Save this blog to your Favorites and check back often. If anyone has anything that they wish to share on the blog-- dates for meetings, articles about gardening, etc.-- please let me know. You can use the link in the Contact Us box at the top right.

Thanks for stopping by!

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