Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big Heirloom Seed Win

I won an awesome giveaway for heirloom seeds! I received the seed stash today, and can I just say WOW! Look at this haul:

Now just because I don't think that you can really appreciate from that image just how many packets there are, here they are.

There's pumpkin and eggplant and flowers...

...various kinds of peppers and some peas...

...okra, corn and tomato...

...all kinds of lettuce, including one called "Drunken Woman"...

...and tons of beans.

Is that an awesome haul, or what? I can't wait to try my hand at growing some of these puppies come fall/spring. Maybe I can try some beans this summer.

Thanks again to Tina of the Victory Garden!


  1. Wow - you struck gold! Nothings better than fresh corn on the cob. Get the water boiling before you pick it...then head straight in an throw the ears in the pot. YUM!

    Or roasted with parmesan butter. My mouth is watering and my stomachs rumbling;-)

  2. actually what you think is corn is a green called mache salad is a salad green that has a nutty flavor. I currently do not offer corn in my seed varieties. glad you got the seeds and I hope you have a very lovely garden.


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