Thursday, January 1, 2009

Food Swap

I was thinking about my mango tree, and the possibility that it could produce much more than I could ever eat. I was thinking how great it would be to be able to swap excess food for things that I was lacking. A "food swap", of sorts. A group of people get together, they each bring produce, preserves, plants, crafts, etc., and then they swap. Is there such a thing? Surely there must be?

I did a Google search and did turn up an article about some people in England who did this. A group of 160 people met, all of them bearing foodstuffs of some sort, to trade and barter. Fruit and vegetables, tartlets, beer, chutney, sausage-- all sorts of foodstuffs. No money is permitted at a swap-- it is purely bartering.

A woman is quoted in the article as saying, "“We are trying to find alternative ways of people getting food in a way that fosters a sense of community. Our box scheme is a pick-up scheme, not a delivery one, so people can meet and talk."

Now they've got the right idea! My mouth is watering just thinking about a gathering where everyone has brought homegrown produce and goodies like homemade bread, pickles and preserves. Yum!

I'm all for this idea. If I can become a successful gardener, I'll next be working on my skills of persuasion, and seeing what I can do to convince others of the merits of a food swap. Do I hear a second?


  1. im all about really keeps things interesting ad brings people you have a second from me!
    miamimami from the gardenweb forum

  2. Thanks, miamimami! I would love to do this sometime in the future. It'll be a little while before I have food to share, but I can start planning, can't I? I'll have to find out from those more experienced than me when is the best time to have a food swap-- when the biggest harvest times are.

  3. im very new to this myself. we decided to plant fruit trees first because we love fresh fruit and its almost becoming a luxury to buy them at the store.

    i have a papaya that currently has about 12 papayas growing.

    we have 4 strawberry plants that were doing great but suddenly dont look so good so i need to see what i can do to save them

    we just bought a rhode red valencia orange tree that should fruit this summer

    and a couple banana plants.

    we wat a mango tree, but are willing to wait until the Mango Fest at Fairchild Tropical Garden to get a good variety.

    my goal is to have a harvest of something every 3 months......each quarter, fresh fruit of a different variety.

    keep me posted with your progress!!!


I'm new at all of this, and would love to hear any of your comments, questions or suggestions. Thank you for coming by!