Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trying to avoid Monsanto seeds? Good luck...

I was checking out Freedom Gardens network, and came across a discussion about Monsanto, which I posted about earlier. They have found that there are a LOT of Monsanto seeds out there being sold under names you are familiar with, like Cook's, Burpee and Spring Hill's.

If you are avoiding Monsanto seeds, you may want to stick with purchasing seeds through Seed Saver's, Seed's of Change or other seed-saving networks.


  1. Thanks for the info, Jen! I've added them to my list. They do look like a good supplier.


  2. I am a big fan of High Mowing Seeds--certified organic, family owned, and they grow alot of their own seed on their farm in Vermont! :)

  3. Semiripc cuttings are normally taken from shrubs, and the work can be done any time from the middle of summer season through till early fall.


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