Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Name, Same Goal

I've renamed the blog from "Survivalist Gardening" to "Freedom Gardening". This blog began because of a forum posting on the GardenWeb that referred to "Survivalist Gardening" and which had a big response by users on the forum. It became apparent that this struck a chord with many users.

However the term never quite fit me. After all, I'm not really a "survivalist"-- at least not the vision that such a term conjures up. I've always been interested in survival techniques and pioneering tactics. As I've grown older and the world has become less stable and secure, I've become quite interested in empowering myself however I can; in making myself less dependent however I can. But survivalist? Not really...

Towards this end, I've become more and more interested in growing my own food and working towards becoming less dependent on modern society. I've been seeking the freedom of independence.

So, in trying to think of a more suitable name for the blog, I came up with "Freedom Gardening" as the term that most suited how I feel about this process.

Then I decided to Google the term, to find out whether this had already become a popular term without my knowledge. Were others feeling the same way that I was?

Sure enough, I found a number of references to it. The most interesting of these was to a website called "Freedom Gardens". No way! There is a whole website full of people who are seeking the same sort of freedom through growing their own food?

Thousands of members from around the world, various groups like Vegetarians and Vegans, Florida Gardeners, Homesteading Newbies and Compost Nuts, as well as a forum. It appears to be relatively young in its growth, but seems to have great potential for the future. I've joined up, and hope that others may follow in my stead.

And, in the immortal words of Mel Gibson as William Wallace in Braveheart: "Freedom!" (through gardening)

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