Friday, May 7, 2010

Catnip and Cantaloupes

I've got something sneaking into my garden at night-- perhaps a cat-- that is really enjoying the catnip I potted in my herb pot. I noticed the other day that two branches of catnip or snapped in half...

Today I noticed that my catnip burglar had even ripped off some leaves, leaving them chewed up around the herb pot (which is really a Lowe's bucket!)

Hmmmm. Maybe I'll figure out what it is one of these days.

I also noticed this morning that my cantaloupe is blooming...

If I can keep that up, and bring these to fruition (despite the 3 inch grasshopper that was walking away from my garden as I watered it this morning), then that right there is three cantaloupe (pronounced can-ta-lope-ehs in my house) that I can expect in the upcoming months!

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