Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tomato Blight Plight?

I have something going on with my Roma tomatoes. It begins on green, developing fruit. First the blossom will hold on rather than fall off...

I have to pull the blossoms off. After pulling this one off, this is what the blossom end looks like...

Is that Blossom End Rot? I'm confused, because there are several things that are very similar. Blight, Blossom End Rot, Buckeye Rot. And they mostly seem to be caused by soil splashing up and contaminating the fruit, but my fruit is high up and should be free of soil.

Today I plucked my first ripe tomato...

...and you can see how the blossom end rotted away.

This is going on with ALL of the fruit coming in.

What's the deal? And is this some fungus that is going to affect my grape tomatoes starting to blossom nearby? Do I just need to destroy all of this fruit, and the new fruit coming in will be fine? Maybe the first tomato was affected by blight or something, and it has spread it to the other fruit? So maybe if I destroy all those affected and start fresh, the new fruit will be okay.

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